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Any organization can never prosper without a good team. A team can constitute of both in-house staff and the clients themselves. Every organization grows only when the penny trickles down to the rightful pocket. In our organization, we sincerely feel that all the contributors should be rightfully rewarded for their contributions to the organization. That means you are entitled for a cut in our revenue, based on the contributions you make to our organization.
The way our Employee Referral Program works is, it is an internal recruitment method employed by organizations to identify potential candidates from their existing employees' social networks. Our methodology in this process is that like minded people come together to make bonds in this organization stronger. This scheme encourages our company's existing employees to select and recruit the suitable candidates from their social networks. As a reward, we typically pay the referring employee a referral bonus. It proves to be the most effective and efficient recruitment method to recruit candidates because it enables us to recruit like minded people who will seamlessly fit into our organization. It’s a win-win situation for everybody.
This program would be the stepping stone for many budding consultants who wish to become entrepreneurs while working for us. This program can also be extended to people who are not directly involved with our organization and are still willing to make a difference for our organization through their valuable contributions.
Please feel free to be a contributor to our organization and communicate with us through info@a4softech.com .
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